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I'm back. But not for long or often. And I won't be on messenger. If anyone needs to talk to me, the phone is always there. You know, we're under Miller D&R. In the Telus phonebook. I hate my laptop. I'd sell it to someone, but that'd be cruel.
Not too much has happened in the last few days. Or however long it's been. I don't have a doctor's note to work shorter shifts. It turns out I need the physiotherapy to tone my quads. They're not strong enough. Although my doctor told me I'd make millions in modelling with my legs. Makes me wish I had the money to start. But I don't, so too bad for me, right?
I have to work tonight and tomorrow morning, surprised? I'm not.
On tuesday afternoon I planted the garden beside the house by the neighbours' door. I'm sunburned, bellyshirt and hiphugger style. Meaning, I have burns on my lower back, shoulders, back of my neck and forearms (to a lesser extent). The lower back one is by far the funniest burn I've ever gotten. My garden consists entirely of deep purple and screaming red flowers...and catnip. I'll take pictures of it! Dan planted onions, garlic, and chives in the other half. He also has basil, rosemary, thyme and two kinds of sage in planters. Mmmmmm, garlic.
Well, I guess I'm off to learn how to play Halo 2 so Dan will have something to brag about.
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