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Cleo's doing a lot better now. Still sneezing to clear her nose out, but she can purr with her mouth shut again! A couple more days and she should be right back to normal, hyper Cleo again. Next time anyone cmes over, pick her up and give her lots of love (and laugh because she's a snagglepuss now).


( 1 spoke — Orate )
12th Mar, 2006 19:25 (UTC)
robyn hahaha its tiff i dont have your number, tami is famous for misplacing things! so call us "we will do lunch" hmm i have gay-myspace if you still have the internet... this is my linkage...
www.myspace.com/graveyardforbitches iiiif you want to see my stupid face that is! but yes dear call me i have no job right now cuase i quit I QUIT!!!! WEEEE yess ok bye bye oh yeah i wonder if you still know my number... 894 5792 "ding" love tiff
( 1 spoke — Orate )