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My pansies are adorable
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Image hosted by PhotobBucket.com
What happened was, I was looking at the garden for disease, holes and such and I noticed a smell like weed. I looked around: no illicit plants. I saw a pile of odd-coloured dirt that reminded me of coffee grinds, but nothing else. I smelled my hair, nope. I thought 'catnip is kitty weed, maybe it's that', but when I looked, my catnip was gone! I didn't know what to do. I smelled the odd dirt and it was, in fact, coffee grinds. I would like to know who is dumping their coffee in my garden and who dug out my catnip. I found the catnip beside the garden, so I promptly replanted it. If it was my neighbour, he's gonna get it. He already put a trellis on top of the soil (I didn't buy any climbers and he didn't buy anything) that he has since removed, presumably it fell in the windstorm becuase he didn't actually stick it in the ground. If he thinks he can just go in a garden he didn't plant and dig up plants he doesn't like, he is sorely mistaken. If, of course, it was him. He donated a bag of potting soil to our gardening cause, so maybe he thinks it gives him rights in the garden. I wouldn't be surprised if it was him digging up the onions and trmpling the flowers. He's American and I can't stand him.


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14th Jun, 2005 10:58 (UTC)
Geez, I'm American, and I have to say that doesn't excuse him. That's just Asshole.
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