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7th Sep, 2004

i actually crack me up. i do the stupidest things!!

so last nght at work i had to bake for the store i was at for two hours, then go down the street and bake for THAT store for one hour. i ended up getting NOTHING done and i better not get in trouble today for it because my moron boss is the one that didnt schedule me a baker. not my problem..yes it was. but not my fault. i also had to clean the iced capp and handle this trainee cause it was his second day. hooray for overworked/underpaid. for the return of the favours im doing, i will ask for halloween weekend off (tell me when rockys showing, christina! ive got my slip and shoes ready!)..and then barter for a raise for the crap ive been putting up with. i cant threaten self-demotion, they just promoted more people.

and today...today is my last of ten days in a row! im so excited, thre days off in a row. im going to eat chips and pasta (whoa, weird cravings right now). and drink orange juice and milk. PARTY! lol. i should go get my hair done...but im out of dollars.

i got my messenger working again. it was trying to tell me i couldnt use the diplay pictures that it downloads for itself...bit of a problem. meh, now i can use my picures that i made, and that makes me happy :D see?

H&R Block is a bust, mostly cause i know i have to take their class. my mom told me she took it when i was little. and you know what? she does her own taxes. i do my own taxes and i have done them since before college, they're just not hard (not saying i do it right...but the gov't fixes that right up for me an i go 'huh?' when i get it back)