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dont make me go back

Omg, I have never been so bored in my life. We have to use AccPac for our accounting class. Now, if (for some strange reason :P) you have never used that program, think of it like this: I am used to using Simply Accounting. It's like computerized accounting for the simple, much like Microsoft Windows. But it's very nice the way it does things. I like it cause I'm not very computer literate. But this crap program we have to use is like Linux...very very difficult. Mostly because instead of going into it, starting a journal for a company, creating the acounts, and starting, you have to ACTIVATE THE MODULES IN THE PROPER ORDER (dont listen to me, i have no idea what that means, but i was done first) or else it won't work. To me, this is complete nonsense. I spent 45 minutes creating the accounts, because there are many. I have to finish that next week. I almost fell asleep in class...many times.

That's becasue I didn't get any sleep last night. I worked 3-12.15 last night/this morning and it wasn't nice. i got to sleep before 1am sometime and was woken up by this weird gurgly water sound by my head. 30 seconds and I realized what it was and sat up yelling EWEWEWEWEW, just as my cat hoffed a hairball right where my head had been. So we cleaned it up, petted poor Clarkus, stripped the sheet off the mattress, and moved on to the living room, where we proceeded arguing about whose stuff was in the way (i lost this one miserably). Nice sleep on the floor. I was woken up at around 4.30 by a SCREECHING child downstairs. I have only once heard this noise before and I think it was because the child was being slowly dipped into a vat of acid (just joking, but you get it at least). That kept me awake for the next half hour or so. But being woken up by the alarm and getting french toast made for me for my first day of school was nice. I got home at noon and woke up at 4. I'm still tired, but I'm gonna eat pizza. *thumbs up*

Anyone else have something vaguely interesting to share? Was it anyone else's first day today? Or does everyone start next week (like is usual at niagarac, just not this year)?

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