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And today at work, I got beat viciously by two different rabbits. One a baby. I have very nasty, bleeding cuts on both hands that sting and need more disinfectant (cause rabbits walk in dirt and pee). The guy that works there drew a face on the fat-tailed gacko with marker because the tail and head look so much alike. Now, more people than ever are asking if the lizard has two heads. He should be fired, but he's getting written up. Obviously, he'll be fired if it happens again. The marker will not come off and we have to wait for the gecko to shed it off. In the meantime, we have to hope no one calls the humane society on us. Very stressful, lizard art.
My hands hurt. I'm eating pizza and going to bed.
I hate rabbits.
Tags: animals: other, ouchie, work: doogan's

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