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for anyone who was in the wizard of oz:::: have you read the book Wicked??? casue i have it now, ive read it before and i thought some other people might like to know the history of the wicked witch of the west. i went to my oms last night and came back with a bunch of VHS and books....we need a new bookshelf now, if only just a litle one. wait a minute, theres still a blue shelf just screaming to be put on a wall. *sigh* ill have to wait until tonight for that.


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10th Sep, 2004 02:25 (UTC)
i heard about the play. One of the actors from Queer as Folk was in it. It looks interesting
10th Sep, 2004 07:53 (UTC)
they made it into a play? tahts kind of...um, not right. it doesnt lend itself easily to that. theres a lot of rude references (being more modern) but...i dont know. its just not a classic. id like to see though
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