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me helmet


I learned a couple of things when I went to pick Dan up,

  1. clark made a smelly poo
  2. my keys had mangled themsleves into a big wad and were very hard to use
  3. i was very tired and didnt know how to turn on my headlights

i get home with him and he makes food, which he set on a VERY unstable stack of boxes by his computer, which the kitten then knocked over....rice everywhere. so he got mad and knocked HER food everywhere

im sure she got the message

me helmet


omg, i just woke up 20 minutes ago and my fingers wont work. my kitchen sink dripped the ENTIRE time...strangely soothing. my kitten is cleaning my cat....no, now shes chewing his neck. strange relationship. wait, no. most teenagers know are like that: LOVE LOVE LOVE CHOMP ON THE NECK. catfights on my house are funny. i have to go pick up my boyfriend now...happy