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Eat My Heart Out

A Rope of Sand

Lilith of Seducers, the pixie corpse
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If you are friending me for my sims stuff, please watch allsims instead. Custom Content aggregate that is no longer maintained? -> wella_creations

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Permanent Account Edition
User Number: 4075064
Date Created:2004-08-05
Number of Posts: 1941

Robyn is kinda tall, kinda thin, and kinda silly. She subsists on a diet of Coca Cola and chocolate Pocky.
Strengths: Always ready to laugh and make you laugh. Can generally look on the bright side.
Weaknesses: Sucker for a killer smile; susceptible to cold temperatures.
Special Skills: Star creator of replacement vomit
Weapons: Wit, sarcasm, long nails.
Special Notes: Works best when paired with skittlebox...but not really.

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I live with my boyfriend and my two cats. I play a lot of games: Magic: The Gathering (Steam or RL), The Sims 2, Fortnite, Civ V, Rock Band and Guitar Hero (I drum), and I also have quite a few 3DS games. I dye my hair a lot and complain that I'm too plain. I'm essentially an overgrown child: I have no plans for the future, I decorate with dinosaurs, and I tend to shirk the more adult things in life.

#9 dream, ac/dc, accounting, age of mythology, animals, arrested development, astrology, atheists, baritone saxophones, birds, black, black eyeliner, black nailpolish, blankets, blood, blue, bookkeeping, bulbasaur, candles, cats, cemeteries, cheese, chocolate bars, chocolate chip muffins, clarinets, clone high, crabs, crazy people, cultures, daft punk, day planners, digital cameras, dinosaurs, edward scissorhands, embroidery thread, epitaph, es iv: oblivion, es v: skyrim, fire, flutes, fortnite, gardening, george harrison, ghost hunts, ghosts, ginger snaps, goths, greenday, guttermouth, hey bulldog, high school band, hilly sandshakes, hoodies, inxs, istj, john lennon, johnny depp, josie and the pussycats, jurassic park, keeping busy, kitties, knives, led zeppelin, love you to, magic, magic: the gathering, maps, math, math books, mismatched socks, modelling, models, mohawks, money, most haunted, mr show, mspaint, my bum, nachos, nine inch nails, notebooks, nude lipgloss, offspring, oldies, orange juice, outpost 2, peanut butter toast, pennywise, pepperland, phone books, photoshoots, piano, pictures, pillows, pirates, plants vs zombies, powdered sugar, primordial soup, punk music, punks, rage against the machine, rain, rainy days, rampant nudity, raspberry berets, red, red nailpolish, revolution, ringo starr, road trip, rock music, roller coaster tycoon, satanism, sex in a can, sims 2, sleep, sleepy hollow, speaking in code, spikes, spinnerette, strawberry fields, tarot cards, tenor saxophones, the beatles, the bloodhound gang, the distillers, the doors, the inner light, the last vampire series, the satanic bible, the sea of holes, theory of evolution, top hats, tostitos, trombones, untalkative bunny, warm nights, white eyeliner, within you without you, wizo, writing in code, zoolander