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Pokemon: Crobat

4x 30-Day Memes, Day 6

Meme 1: 30 Days of ME (because I am a narcissist)
Day 6: My Day

How nifty that this coincides with my first day of work! I learned to operate the till and a whole bunch of other stuff that wasn't thrilling. Apparently, you don't need to know SHIT about animals to be a cashier there O__o. Woke up badly (Enzo crabbing again that the cat peed on his clothes, and getting mad when I asked him if he left his clothes on the bathroom floor) after only a few hours of sleep, then came home, ate, and JUST woke up from an hour-long nap. Then I came here to do this and look for TS2 DR clothes :D

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Meme 2: Regular 30-Day Meme
Day 6: Whatever tickles my fancy

I just wanna tell you guys that you can't IMAGINE how much I hate when people are misinformed about animals. I go into a FURY when I hear that bettas should be kept in small containers. Some guy asked me for "beta water conditioner" today and I tried to sell him somethign that was a better value, but he bought the stupid diluted shit, anyway. Infuriating. People are so stupid.

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Meme 3: 30 Days of Music
Day 6: A song that reminds me of someWHERE

Good question. I'm not one of those people that are transported places by music unless I've heard that song in a strange situation.
That said, you'll never EVER guess in a million years why THIS FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT is in my LJ: I am reminded of New Orleans. Why? High school band trip! This song ws used heavily by us for some reason, mostly because the sheet music called for a spoken (shouted)-only bridge of WHOOMP THERE IT IS right before YMCA. Why of New Orleans? Because we played this song there, and we were rowdy on the bus one night and someone strated singing their instrument's part...and we all chimed in with our various parts. It was wonderfully bad, and we moved on to other songs after, but this one just got the most rowdy.

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21 Days of Favourite Pokemon
Day :

Crobat! Also, see icon. Crobat is fantastic! I had a few close runner-ups in Vespiquen and Altaria, but I'll save those for the opther categories they can appear in.

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B&V: fabulous

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  • 00:54 raise awareness: if you know someone, or been affected by someone, who needs a punch in the face. No known cure, except a punch in the face. #
  • 03:16 @cuntymouth idk fatties #
  • 16:20 My Top 3 Weekly #lastfm artists: Spinnerette (12), Metallica (11) and Justice (3) bit.ly/cY1FaO #
  • 16:59 @simplyn2deep My gramma does....but she also has them tattooed one. You can't even tell! #
  • 21:31 "You ever been flipped off in two different directions at the same time?" -My bf, while flipping me off two-handed with one hand turned. #
  • 22:57 how can you tell me you have deja vu, but everyone dies during it. THAT IS NOT DEJA VU, THAT IS A PREMONITION. Why argue with em about that? #
  • 23:01 .....turns out, his deja vu referenced a DREAM he had, which ended in him killing everyone. THAT IS NOT DEJA VU #
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