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Picasso's makeover competition. He needs lots of votes to compete with the old lady woman that's really airbrushed and the fembot guy.

Anyway, I got the job at the Fallsview Casino, YAY!!

My dad has stopped talking to me, as if he were "12 years old" (Jaclyn, 2007).

Otherwise, I can't remember what's happened the last few days.
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Nerd time

My dad just yelled to me: "Hey, Robyn, I got a bookkeeping question for you.
"Two people, both aged 60, start saving money monthly, except the second one doesn't start saving until they are both 65. If the first person is saving $700 a month, and the second $100 a month, how long will it be after the second person starts saving for their accounts to be even (excluding interest, simple or otherwise)?"
I looked at my dad, then got up and asked him for a pen and paper. I clarified the problem, considered a tiny bit more and scribbled this down: 4200+700x=1000x then I looked at what I had written and corrected it to: 42000+700x=1000x and handed it to my dad while asking if that was what he had come up with. He said nothing, but asked me if I was sure. I talked through it with him and he was shocked to find out that x=140, or 11 years 8 months, when the two people are almost 77.
I then walked back here while yelling to my stepmom that: "He tricked me, telling me it was a bookkeeping question when it was an algebra word problem!"
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"Where you at? You is not here. Aaaanywaaaay, you have a movie you need to be picking up. It is sitting around here gathering duuuust...much like all. The live. Beatles. HA! Yeah, so come get it."
Sent Jan 13, 9:18 pm
-transcript of a voicemail from my mom

10 minutes later, still smiling.
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Lalalalalalalala...sitting at schooooooollll dum de dum de dum de dum Supposed to be doing some sort of English thing for groupwork but I don't know what and the group's not here and it's due tomorrow but it's not very hard doo doo doo dee da [sometimes I actually talk/sing my thoughts, this is not something sudden, ask anyone who's ever eaten near me. I sing to my meals]

I suppose Thanksgiving (which I first typed as 'Tanksgiving'...new holiday, here I come!) dinner with my brother at my dad's went well last night seeing as they actually conversed and I heard no flak given fromeither side. *closes eyes firmly, flashes them open, and rapidly blinks a few times* phew.

So now I just sit around perusing the net and moving around on my wheely-chair until 2.30 rolls around and it is time to go to work.

I have a good idea for a short story to write, but I would like some input on the style. I've found that I prefer to write in first-person present-tense. I have already written a test-thingy of three pages and, although strange, it sounded very good. It comes off reading like a commentary, mostly dialogue with a little description (I hate being descriptive, don't want to go on and on like Tolkien). So, if I were to write something, would you find it irritating to read mostly-dialogue, first-person, present-tense? Collapse )

Orthodox is unconscious. Who controls the past, controls the future; who controls the present, controls the past. NOW TESTIFY!! *air guitar and headbang* Sorry, reading 1984 always gets me a little RATM-crazy.