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in which TV STAR

This entry is formatted to attempt to be easier to read, because it's really, really long. Uh, but read it in my journal style, because this is table-formatted and my style deals with it interestingly... Obviously, if you haven't watched the episode yet, there are SUPER MEGA SPOILERS in this post. If you're in Canada, or use a Canadian proxy, watch here. If you're elsewhere, you can stream it in widescreen watch on Youtube, or just straight torrent it. If, for some reason, you want to see the commercial, here you go!
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  • Mon, 17:37: collectors keep calling. is this a bad time to go car-shopping? :(
  • Mon, 22:18: @cuntymouth lolololol omfg REALLY? so it was beeeeep beeeeep? that's a ram error beep! also, almost sent this tweet to myself :$:$
  • Mon, 22:20: @cuntymouth oh oh oh that one. that's what i meant :$ really :$
  • Mon, 22:20: @cuntymouth because i install my ram improperly everytime i have to :$ i hear that beep a lot :$
  • Mon, 22:38: 23min left of work. then 11hrs tomorrow. then two days off (which i will probably sleep through entirely)
  • Mon, 22:46: @cuntymouth store's not open. close at 9. assessment coming up. tomorrow im in 12-11. fucking kill me
  • Mon, 23:25: @cuntymouth omg dmitri just said "at the rate terry replaces computers, you'd think he'd know!" and omfg lolololololol
  • Tue, 10:33: oh god my whole body hurts. bring on the 11hr shift :(
  • Tue, 11:26: A year ago, my hair was bright red. I miss it :(
  • Tue, 11:33: @catnipandhoney i stopped! trying to grow out my natural. resisting colour remover. it's hard D:
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  • 00:15 @harlequeen ttly forgot you had a Twitter! HI! #
  • 00:43 @harlequeen haha, no sweat, I just use it to stalk celebs and talk about things I don't care about (nonsrs biz) #
  • 01:16 @harlequeen hahahaha lol and that's quite all right, because I'm nosy and like to read all of it! #
  • 01:32 @skittledeedee TWITTER KEEPS LAGGING #fuckyouinternet #
  • 09:43 My Top 3 Weekly #lastfm artists: The Beatles (25), Justice (9) and The Distillers (8) bit.ly/cY1FaO #
  • 17:33 Only in Canada can two people have vastly different incomes ($4500 vs $15000) and get nearly the same amount back in taxes. #
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beanies wtf

I have 9 mint condition Beanie Babies. All retired, one with a collectors card and one with typos on the TY tag.

I would like to sell these items, but the BEANIE BABY MARKET is kind of in a slump since they went out of popularity 10 years ago. Wait another 10 years or cut my losses? I have no attachment to the little critters.

Click for full-size (1600x1200)
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ranty ranty

I was dreading my license picture renewal. I hated having it done, although Dave tried his best to assure me that I looked fine. I just received it in the mail. And it looks wonderful. I even have my eyebrow raised because my smile was just falling as the pic took, so I have this tiny little one-sided smile and my eyebrow raised. I look amused. Total MTO glamour shot here. It's the best photo ID pic ever. Not kidding. I have a picture of my license, since I suddenly figured out how I could do it. What a difference five years makes. And that is why waiting 5 years is a bad idea. I look like I'm thinking something naughty.
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At least I've got my license pic to keep me in a good mood for the next two years. Oh, how nicely I made my lip tone match my skin, even for the washed-out lighting of the lovely FE MTO.
FYI, because this could very well save your life one day: In the US of A, the collective citizens spend approximatly $3 000 000/a on children/babies. On their DOGS (not their cats, fish, birds, horses)? $10 000 000. That's right, more than three times as much. Why? Because they're all OLD PEOPLE with TEACUP RAT DOGS. Oh, and I'm sure there are very legitimate reasons. Like diamond-studded collars, gold-plated food dishes, and imported doggy wine from France. But seriously, there very well could be a reason for spending more on your dog than your kid. Because you're redneck trailer trash. Notice I did not say 'white trash'. There's all kinds of colours of trash. Go to Chicago, most of them end up on Jenny Jones for me to laugh at in the privacy of my parents' home.
And once again, the mood icons fail me. Agitated, anyone?
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I have money again. I love having money, I always feel like I'll never run out.
While LJ was down, I took many pictures of the cats being completely silly. I'll post them when I get around to resizing them. What site does everyone use for hosting pictures? I need one that won't change the file extension...never mind, I just asked Dan about it and I can have his website. So I have unlimited space now!
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in trouble

i got shorted some $$$ on my paycheque. specifically one hour from two weeks ago and 45 minutes overtime for last week. it doesnt sound like much, but i have a veterinary bill to pay, phone bill, i have to get a new left lens in my glasses (and a right one, too, so that they're of the same batch) which is roughly $130, AND i have rent next week, AND i have textbooks to buy. can someone help me get my timetable? i dont have microsoft office programs and they're required to view it.
on a side note, both my kitties wear bells now. the kitten is trying to remove hers by jamming her lower jaw under it (its a little big).
is my non-capitalization/punctuation/grammar bothering anyone? causeim still having problems typing
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what a couple of days

i cant typeroperly. i sliced my thumb open on a can of spongebob pasta, now i have three stitches and cant wor for a week. im gonna be poor. my right hand too, so now im practically an invalid...it feels like it ayway. 3 stitches, big deal, but ive never had them before. icried whe the needle went in, but watched the entire time, it was great.
but esterday i had a sort of psychotic episode. i went crazy, yellig at people that werent around and pacig the a,partement for and aour and a half. darn thius thumb. not like im using it but the fingers on my right hand arent used to hitting th bottom buttons on the keyboard. it hurts...im gonna go put polysporin and a bandaid on my idex finger (cut that too, but more of a scratch. doesnt ean it doesnt hurt)