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Project 36fail

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The snow was incredibly sticky, so perfect for snowballs I didn't have time to throw before I left for my interview.

And, also, because I am incredibly vain and extremely pleased with the extra trim I gave myself (in the shower so I could rinse away the little hairs :D), a picture of the FINAL RELEASE of my haircut......lulz. ok so I'm really proud of myself ok

Oh, also, my job interview at Calvin Klein went really well and the assistant manager told me I could definitely expect a second interview with the manager and most likely get hired before the weekend is through. Huzzah, another store I know nothing about and own nothing from!

365 #6

Today's picture courtesy of my phone.
365 project #6

Starting Friday, I need a new theme. I'm thinking of taking a random object I have and getting it into every shot that week.
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My 365

Following in Jo's footsteps, I've started a 365 Project. I'll post one here a day, but I know I won't take just one. Three posted today! Tag added so you can look back at one photo a day, if you wish. I'll link to my Flickr in each post.